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Unicom Reviews and Complaints Centre

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Unicom offers outstanding value for money to more than 100,000 small businesses based in the UK on telephone, broadband, mobile and energy services.

Welcome to the Unicom Complaints and Reviews Centre. This site has been set up to provide you with useful information and solutions if you have experienced any issues with any of Unicom's products or services. Unicom is proud of the value we provide to our customers and we are continually working on improving the quality of our services and our customer care.

About Unicom

Incorporated in 1998, Unicom has helped over 640,000 small businesses to save a total of £1.1 billion on their telecoms and energy services. Unicom recognises what small businesses want and need which is why we are committed to delivering exceptional value and providing outstanding customer service.

For more information on any of our services, why not give Unicom a call and find out how much you could save on your bills. Our Customer Services team can be reached on 0161 946 4444. 

Unicom Reviews

Prompt, caring, efficient.

My business phone line was dead. Unicom dealt with the problem caringly and efficiently.
Unfortunately Open Reach did not fix the problem. Almost a week later, I contacted Unicom to clarify the situation.
The matter was dealt with so promptly, BT Open Reach arrived at my door with in half an hour!
The engineer was friendly and concerned. He fixed the problem.
Thank you team Unicom for solving the problem.

Reviewed by: Andrea Margulies
Review date: 29th March 2016

very helpful staff in all areas 10/10

quicker time needs to improve answering the phone waited 12 min the other day
Reviewed by: Mr Fitzgerald

Review date: 25th March 2016

They listened

I am hard of hearing and find telephone conversations difficult, but the young lady listened to me, and spoke clearly and did what I asked her to do. She did not treat me as an idiot, as sometimes happens to deaf people.

Reviewed by: Mrs Tones
Review date: 23rd March 2016